After graduation
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This page provides information from our classmates who have written about what has happened to them from graduation day until the present.  Any 1960 Sunset graduate can send a current picture (if you haven't already done so for the Individual Class pictures page) and a brief one paragraph narrative (400 words or less) in a Microsoft WORD document to be included here to  If you have already sent a picture, all that is needed is the narrative.  Female classmates need to be sure to include your maiden name as listed in the 1960 Sundial as well as your married surname if your name changed.  If anyone wants to update the information on this page, just rewrite your narrative in a WORD document and send the update to the Website Manager (John Teer).

Patience is important.  It may take a few moments for all of the pictures to download to your computer.

Judy Ann Richter Abbott

I received my degree in education from TCU, where I met my first husband (Jimmy Mulhollen’s roommate).  We divorced after sixteen years and three great children.  I then proceeded to marry Mulhollen’s other roommate, who died three years later.  Mulhollen was beginning to feel nervous being around me, by the way.  I married Tony Abbott in 2000 (I immediately retired from teaching) and between us we have seven children and ten grandchildren.  I have drawn the line at being his co-great-grandparent so he’s on his own for that birth in December.  We have an RV and enjoy traveling around the country, particularly when it’s too hot/cold for golf in Dallas.  I do volunteer work for some local charities and spend any spare time I can find reading.

Larry Joe Adams

After Sunset I attended UTA and worked to support my education.  I entered the Air National Guard during the Vietnam War.  I married my wonderful wife, Kathy, in 1965 and she has put up with me for 45 years this November.  We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Shortly after marriage my employer transferred us to Nashville, Tenn.  In 1970 we were transferred back to Dallas and I was recruited by Thorsen Tool Company where I moved through a number of sales and marketing positions and left as President in 1989 to form my own company in partnership with Taiwan friends. We built several factories in Taiwan and China and produced many of the private brand hand tool lines you find at retailers today. I am very lucky to have traveled Asia (over 100 times to Taiwan and China), Europe and South America and speak, after 3 years of private lessons, pretty decent mandarin. My apologies to the late Mr. Johns, who never could teach me Spanish! We did well, sold the company to Danaher Corp in 1997 and I continued to manage the original company until I retired in 2008.  My wife Kathy, who has been an interior designer for our entire married life, finally decided to start a retail store in Plano in 1989 while I was off in China starting my new company. In 1991 we purchased land on Preston Road in Plano and built our own current store –Kathy Adams Interiors. While I was traveling Asia, Kathy was traveling Europe buying antiques for her new store. I was fortunate to meet her there on many occasions and we still love traveling England, France and especially Italy.   Since retirement I try to help Kathy at the store, spend time playing golf, consulting with a couple of companies in Taiwan, and enjoying all my grandchildren’s sporting events.  My son Neal –Baylor grad- blessed us with twin grandsons, now college sophomores and who played on the Lake Travis High School two time state 4A champion football team. One winning all district honors. My daughter Kelly graduated from UT Austin and married the tight end on the 1990 team. Her husband Stephen played a short time for the Buffalo Bills and NY Giants and with great intelligence gave up football for a degree from the Wharton School of Business. They have three son’s 10, 6 and 3. My daughter Khristy –SMU grad - is a critical part of Kathy Adams Interiors.  Life is good.

David Allen
After Sunset, I graduated from UNT with a BBA. At that time, I met Sandy Schroeder, my wife for 46 years.  I worked in the business world or six years before entering the family hardware business.  Allen True Value Hardware was in business for 62 years.  Some names you might recall as my customers were: Judge Fite, JD Sivlis, Jack Roten, Byrom Rhome, HW Monroe, and Paul Carter among many.  Over the years, I also had the great pleasure of making the acquaintances of many of your parents, and in some cases, your grandparents.  Allen Hardware was sold January 2007, and Sandy has retired from teaching.  We currently split out time between Texas and Colorado enjoying the best of both worlds.  We are healthy, happy, and just letting the “good times roll”!!

Sandra (Candy) Green Anderson
I worked as computer programmer for IBM and Sperry Univac and technical staff for MITRE in NASA space program after graduating from University of Texas in Mathematics and Masters in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.  I started a software engineering company contracting to NASA for five years.  I married and have been living in Houston, Texas for over 40 years with two sons and two grandchildren living in Lake Conroe area.  Busy traveling and learning Spanish with my grandchildren.

Betty Golden Arwine
I married Robert Arwine in 1963 and we had two children, Clay and Janie.  I started my work career at Sears Roebuck in 1960 and worked with the company for seven years.  I then began work for two years with the Dallas Independent School District.  Following that I worked in my brother’s accounting firm, Golden, Dellinges & Redd, for 30 years.  Robert and I opened two postal centers in Mansfield during the last 11 years.  We have been blessed with three beautiful granddaughters during the past six years.  Between working, traveling, and enjoying our  granddaughters, Robert and I stay fairly busy.

Robert L. Arwine
I graduated from North Texas State University with a teaching degree and achieved a doctorate degree.  After teaching, I became a principal with the Dallas Independent School District.  I married my high school sweetheart, Betty Golden, in 1963 and and we have two children, Clay and Janie.  We have been married for 47 years.  I retired from the Dallas Independent School District in 1997 and Betty and I went into the postal business.  We opened two postal centers in Mansfield.  We have lived in the Waxahachie area for the past 10 years.  We have three granddaughters, Tori, Sophie and Lauren, all born within the past six years.

Janet Teresa Joyce Bessler
After graduation, I attended Arlington State College then, which is now UT at Arlington, for 2 years and then decided to go to work and make lots of money.  Of course, that was a joke, but everyone learns the hard way.  Several years later, I married and my beautiful daughter, Cheryl,  was born in 1967.  Unfortunately that marriage did not last and ended up in divorce.  I found my wonderful husband, Joe Bessler, in 1986 and we married in 1987.  He has brought love and happiness back into my life and we have shared many fun memories.  After working for an electronics distributor for 44 years and working my way up to Corporate Credit Manager, I retired 3 months ago.  Now that we have both retired, we are planning to travel in the good ole USA, as well as Europe and Australia and enjoy the rest of our lives together.

Sandra Nell Zacharias Bolton
Over the last 50 years?  Lets see -  I was a stay at home Mom for several years.  James and I have been married for 50  years as of September 3, 2010.  We have two boys and two grandchildren. But for the most part I have been in banking for 38 years.  I retired in 2004, but was asked to come back part time in 2005.  I am still working part today and loving it.

Patricia Ann Browning
After graduation, I attended TCU, where I received a BBA.  In 1975, I completed an MBE from North Texas State University in Denton.  I began a teaching career in 1964 and retired from teaching in 2000.  I spent 35 years at Spruce High School in Dallas.  All those years I thought I was a teacher and a pretty good one, but after retirement, I’ve discovered that I’m a bum!  While teaching, I met Dale Southworth in 1986, and we dated until his death on May 3, 2009.  I returned home from a cruise to discover that he had passed away that morning.  I’ve adopted his daschund, Dusty, and he is precious and very loved.  I have an amazing set of friends.  We love to travel, eat, play cards, and we are all Ranger fans.  I also met a great friend, Tom Smith, at church.  He was a principal in Rockwall, who is currently retired.  We very much enjoy the time we spend together.  I work two days a week at Colonial Baptist Church.  I am the financial secretary.  I love what I do there, and it gives me money to play with.  I only hope that all my former classmates enjoy life as much as I do; I’m thankful for my education and friends from Sunset.  God bless you all!

James E. (Jim) Bryan
After attending Arlington State, I worked for several years in the data processing division of Taylor Publishing Company which published our Sundials along with high school and college yearbooks for hundreds of institutions throughout the U.S.  I then joined the Dallas Police Department in 1964 right after the Kennedy assassination and remained there until December of 1975 when I was recruited into the oil and gas industry as a drilling and production engineer.  As the industry went through it’s gyrations, I determined that I did not enjoy that type of "yo-yo" existence so I returned to the Dallas Police Department in February of 1990 where I remained until I retired in August of 2008…a street cop to the end.  A number of surgeries were necessary due to on-duty injuries, but all in all it was an interesting 30 years.  In 1984, I married my current wife, Sharron, who I met and dated in 1969 when she was a flight attendant for American and I was assigned to Love Field.  It was well worth the 15-year wait!  We have my daughter Lori from my first marriage, and her family; Mike, her husband, and Evan and Bryce our two fantastic grandsons.  We live with our two English Setters, Katie and Cappy the Wonder Dogs, who are very much a part of our family.  We spend most of our year here in Dallas, and several months of the year at our second home in the mountains just outside of Estes Park, Colorado.  After my retirement, I transitioned to the Reserve Battalion of the Dallas Police Department and I teach several in-service classes a month to police officers regarding dealing with encounters with the mentally ill.

James Kenyon (Ken) Clardy
I’ve been married to Lynn (Linda Walden, Sunset class of 1962) for 46 yrs.  We have two daughters, Jennifer Beaman & Jina Beaman (sisters married brothers); five grandkids: Zach (12), Miranda (12), Emily (9), Ashley (9) & Jake (4) Beaman. My employment includes: 13 yrs Medical X-Ray, Sales & Service; 11 yrs RV Industry, Sales, Service & Management; 10 yrs Lawn & Garden Dealership, Management. Currently Owner of Kens Engraving (guns & knives) ( My civiv contributions are: 25 ½ yrs Fireman, retired Asst. Chief; 2 yrs City Councilman; 2 yrs City Planning & Zoning Commission.  I am an Air Force having served in Korea and during the  Vietnam era. I have been active in the Boy Scouts serving for 23+ yrs as an active scouter in various positions; Scouters Award & Key, Religious Award, District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver Award, Dan Carter Beard National Masonic Scouter Award.  I have been a member of the  George B. Dealey Masonic  Lodge #1312 for 42 years and serve as the Treasurer.  I am a DeMolay Life Member.  I am a Sunday School Teacher in my church and a past Board Member. I have been a Certified Lay Speaker with Certified Instructors certificate for 23 years. I am also a Life Member of Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers (PTA) and a Member of Arlington’s Cordbusters Band.

Mary Emma Brunner Cloud
I attended Arlington State College for a year and then moved to Colorado.  While working at a bank I met my husband, Doug.  Our common interest?  The Beatles!  We moved back to Dallas as soon as I could talk him into it and we became avid Cowboy fans.  So far so good.  We had three children, bought a house and chased the dream.  We moved to Houston to go into the real estate business but even after some success, we felt something was missing.  We made a decision that affected how we would live the rest of our lives.  We decided to live for God instead of ourselves.  It made a huge difference in how we brought up our children and how we lived our lives!  Our children are grown and they all live nearby.  We  have five grandboys, one of which we are raising.  We’ve had Jake since he was five and what a ride!  We got into Boy Scouts and became leaders, (in our 60’s) and went camping, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, etc.  He is a senior this year and will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout soon.   He’s also a gifted musician.   Who knew?   My husband still works in real estate and I work for the Humble Independent School District in their Discipline Program.  We’ve gone to the same church since 1975 and Doug teaches a Sunday School class.  Jake plays guitar for the youth and just started playing in the main service.  I feel very blessed to still be alive and kicking.  Fifty years isn’t so very long, now that I think about it.  And I don’t even feel like an antique!

Carol June Jahnke Costa
We moved away from Dallas shortly after my graduation to Lincoln, Nebraska.  My dad was transferred.  It turns out it was also where I met my first husband.  Actually he lived across the hall (what luck).  He was a pilot in the Air Force and due to military circumstances we had to postpone our wedding.  We eventually were able to "tie the knot."  Our first blessing came in 1964 with our son (Randy).  He is married with one daughter (Brittany).  They have lived  and worked in Florida for three years.  Then the second in 1967 was our daughter (Kim).  She is married with two daughters (Domonique, 24) and (Autumn, 7).  Yes, from the same  husband.  Domonique was just married in May to a Navy man and lives in Florida.  The second installment began in 1972.  My first marriage unfortunately did not survive military  life,  We remained friends until his passing in 1999.  I was very fortunate to find another great guy (and not bad on the eyes either)  and we married in 1974.  He had his own construction company (now retired).  Of course he built our home and it is lovely.  It's too big for us now but we haven't decided exactly what we want to do.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that he also had become the recipient of his three boys in 1972, when they were 10--9--8.  I must be honest and say it was not always the Brady Bunch, but we worked it out.  That is about the end of my saga, but I also hope the beginning.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2009.  It has now spread to the lungs.  Nothing seems to have worked so far, but I am extremely hopeful.  I have been blessed with not having too many side effects.  I did however lose my hair (as you can see in the picture.  I guess my  vanity is showing.)  Now that you are bored to tears, I will close by saying I hope all is well with you and yours.  I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is

Jane Elizabeth Caudle Crouch
Just a note to update you and our classmates about the last 50 years! Jim and I married just before he began Baylor Law School. I had finished undergrad in 3 years so I could support us by teaching: 3rd grade for 1year, 1st grade for 2 years. Then, we moved from Waco to Hamilton where we've been ever since. He practices law and I am executive director of the Hamilton Economic Development Corporation.   We have one daughter and 3 grandchildren who live in Belton. Between teaching and economic development, I first volunteered and served on lots of local committees and ended up chairing most of them. Then, I discovered state government and for 12 years worked as a staffer at the State Capitol. Had an apartment in Austin and came home on the weekends--our daughter says we had a modern marriage then. Not sure what she'd say about that now. After more than 40 years here, I can tell you for sure that Hamilton is a great place to live and has been very good to us.

Mary Blake French Crouch
I left Dallas the day after I graduated from Sunset and moved to Virginia, where I went to the College of William and Mary as an undergraduate and the University of Virginia for graduate school.  I met my husband, Richard Crouch, at William and Mary; we have been married 45 years and have two children and three gorgeous grandchildren.  I worked my way through college as a columnist and reporter for The Virginia Gazette and have been a journalist ever since—writing and editing newspapers, newsletters and magazines.  For the past 17 years, I have been editor in chief of ARMY Magazine.  I also taught writing at George Washington University and English and American literature and women’s studies courses as adjunct faculty of the University of Virginia for 20 years.  Richard and I have spent part of almost every week of our lives together in rural Virginia, restoring old houses (a seventeenth-century house near Williamsburg, an eighteenth-century log house in Loudoun County, and our 86-year-old house in Arlington, VA) and trying to be good stewards of the land.  Most of our volunteer work focuses on historic preservation and environmental projects.  A photography hobby has grown—with photos in a dozen shows at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and at juried art shows—mostly of landscapes in Italy and France and rural Virginia.  Great Memories: Hiking on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai with my family, hot air ballooning with my mom and sisters, hiking in Olympic National Park with cousins, sensing and nearly seeing the silence in the rain forest in Puerto Rico, holding our newborn grandchildren and singing them to sleep, being interviewed and quoted in the New York Times, making an annual pilgrimage since 1995 to Monet’s garden in Giverny, dining in Edinburgh Castle, getting lost in Venice, and living in Ste. Maxime.  Life is good!

Darlene Brooks Dollar
I attended North Texas University in Denton after I graduated in January.  I met my husband, Don Dollar, and we married in 1968.  He adopted my daughter from another marriage and seven years later, we had a daughter.  I was a stay at home mom for many years and really enjoyed that part of my life.  We bought a home in Garland and I still live there.  Don, unfortunately, died at the age of 46.  I worked for many years and then retired at 55 to help my brother take care of my parents.  I am now enjoying my daughters and grand kids (two teenage girls and two little boys) traveling some and attending soccer games and high school football games.

Brenda Brock Folsom
While still in college, I married my high school sweetheart, Sam Folsom.  We raised two wonderful daughters together, Beth Folsom Van Amburgh and Dr. Rebecca Folsom.  Both are teachers and very successful in their chosen fields of Elementary Education and Music Education.  Beth is the Principal of La Rue Elementary School in Midlothian ISD and Becky is a Professor of Music at Boston Conservatory of Music.  We have two granddaughters, Rachel Van Amburgh and  Hannah Van Amburgh.  We still enjoy going to theater, opera, and dog shows as Sam is a licensed judge for the American Kennel Club.  Professorially, I have worked in the field of Elementary Education for forty years.  I have taught most of  the  elementary grades, and have held several administrative positions. I retired from public school education in 2003 as Principal of Mt. Peak Elementary, Midlothian ISD.  Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M-Commerce teaching elementary education classes and supervising student teachers.

Gerald A. Foster
After graduation, I attended ASC for a year and a half, then enlisted in US Navy Reserves and worked on a commercial laundry route. I went on active duty to Navy school in Illinois. I was assigned  to The USS Mansfield DD-728 stationed in Long Beach ,CA, where we were deployed to Viet Nam and based in Japan. Other ports were Hong Kong, China and the Philippine Islands. I then returned after six months and married my present wife, Diana, who was from a Navy family.  We have been married 45 years and have three daughters and five grand children.  I've worked in the electronics industry, built aircraft at LTV for the Navy and the Air Force and finally settled in the field of Automotive Air Conditioning working in engineering research and development.  I am now retired and taking life easy keeping busy with church work and family.

Mary Ann Isom Franzke
After graduating from Sunset, I went to North Texas and honestly majored in sororities, fraternities, and parties.  What zany, fun-filled four years; however, I did manage to maintain a decent grade point average and graduate.  The following summer I married and moved to Germany for three years where I taught in the American schools and traveled throughout Europe at every opportunity.  Every day opened new doors and enriching adventures.  Upon returning to the states and settling in San Antonio, I began a traditional phase with a starter home, two car garage, a dog and the birth of two precious baby girls.  I wished I could have stopped the clock in this cherished phase.  My challenging phase soon followed when Gretchen and Gwen were two and three.  Here, I began life as a single mom, teaching during the day and earning a master’s degree at night and summers on a scholarship to Trinity University.  For the next twenty years, I held various positions under the umbrella of education as I raised the girls amidst the usual demands of motherhood and car pooling.  Now came a very satisfying phase as the girls were experiencing success: Gretchen received a Ph.D. from University of Texas at Dallas, and Gwen graduated from Texas A&M.  This occurred  while I enjoyed my role as Principal of Oak Grove Elementary in the North East Independent School District.  When I least expected it, I met the perfect husband for me, one that shared my same beliefs and values.  Chuck Franzke had been a widow for three years and had recently retired as C.E.O. of Dillard’s of the Southwest.  The last seventeen years have been wonderful.  We have traveled all over the world and have enjoyed the joys of grandchildren.  I am involved in caring for grandchildren, serving on boards, organizing charitable galas, continuing education, volunteer work, and exercising regularly.  Frequently we house Spanish speaking foreign students from a local university where I serve on the Development Board.  To sum up my life, I have found blessings from God in every part.

Nancy Patchen Freeman

As I look back on my life, I recall so many things I am grateful for.  One highlight is the many friends from Peabody, Stockard and Sunset. Their friendships gave me a great foundation to go out and explore life.  Another piece of my foundation was one marriage.  I got to experience all the “good” things of material America, including working in the corporate world and raising a wonderful son who lives in California.  I'm the grandmother of three wonderful boys. After working in corporate America, I discovered I was bored: “What’s next?”  In order to experience a different culture and mindset, I went to Spain and studied Spanish at the University of Madrid—an incredible hard-work, fun, enlightening year.  Back in California, I met a famous Indian guru who was touring U.S.  So I packed up and went to India to check out that mindset and culture.  I was totally fascinated and ended up collecting information and writing the biography of the guru, Swami Chinmayananda.  I also studied Sanskrit and homeopathy—fascinating subjects.  Then I lived in New York City and Vermont, definitely new mindsets and cultures.  I loved exploring both the urban world and the green tree and white snow world of New England.  Later I returned to India for a three year journey, discovering rural countryside.  I wrote a journal of the places I visited, people I met, conversations, histories, and challenges.  Deemed “too much material and too overwhelming” to be commercial, I learned to create websites and put it on the Internet.  My adventuring self then moved to Arizona—which is a maze of incredible realities from alpine forests to cactus thickets.  However, a local mining company was polluting the water supply in the small town I had settled in after having lived in Sedona, Phoenix and Tucson. Therefore, I used my website skills to post the pollution data and was able to nudge the mining company into cleaning up their mess (after 4 years and 2 public hearings).  I am a confirmed pacifist and have been able to help a group of disabled veterans, Vets for Due Process (Vets have a special court that does not honor due process), by creating and maintaining two websites for them.  Now I am making an attempt to get back to the “me” I enjoy most: Star gazer; rainbow chaser, hiker, tree hugger, butterfly raiser.  I am in the process of creating a project to interest and engage suburban elementary school children in connecting with and enjoying nature.


Lynda Sue Kennedy Garner
I have been married for almost 24 years to my sweetheart, Jim.  Together we have 5 children and 10 grandchildren, who all live within a 2 to 3 hour drive.  We moved from Grand Prairie to a small community just outside of Cooper seventeen years ago and we both work in Paris.  Jim brags that he only has one stop sign between home and his shop.  I am a legal assistant for a bankruptcy attorney and Jim builds things out of sheet metal for a local construction company.  We attend a small Methodist Church in a community called Tira where out of a membership of 39 we have an average attendance of 20-24 people.  There are five couples in our church who have been married over 50 years and that is a real inspiration.  We enjoy our jobs, working around our place and entertaining the kids and grand kids and don’t plan on retiring any time soon. 

Roland Alvin Haedge
After graduation I live a lot of life.  I was able to obtain my education as follows:  1960-63: Texas Tech.  Got hepatitis Dec ‘63, dropped out & returned to DFW.  1964-65: UT Arlington.  1965-68:  Texas Tech, BA Psychology.  1968-70: Texas Tech, MA Counseling Psychology/Vocational Rehabilitation.  1976-77:  Masters in Public Administration, East Texas State College, Commerce, TX.  My military service included:
1966-68: Army ROTC at Texas Tech and then 1970-72: Ft. Gordon, GA: Signal Officer Basic Course; Ft. Mammoth, NJ: Communication Center Operations; Ft. Hood, TX: Social Work Officer, Mental Hygiene Clinic, Darnell Army Hospital; Long Binh Army Base, Republic of South Vietnam, Drug Abuse/Rehabilitation Officer, 1st Signal Corps, awarded Bronze Star medal.  My civilian employment has included: 1964-68: U. S. Post Office, Dallas and Lubbock while attending UT Arlington and Tech.  1972-75: Consultant in Vocational Rehabilitation, Saigon, S. Vietnam.  Worked for World Rehabilitation Fund, Inc. (WRF), who had contract with U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to build Vocational Evaluation Centers for physically disabled Vietnamese. Worked with S. VN Ministry of Social Welfare.  1975-88: U.S. Dept of HEW/HHS, Regional Personnel Office, Dallas, TX.  Worked as LR Specialist, Classification Specialist, EAP Administrator, Regional Training Officer, Personnel Section Chief.   1998-2005:  Adjunct Faculty, taught American Government and Psychology at various times at University of Phoenix Online; Brookhaven College, Dallas; and Tarrant County Community College, South Campus, Ft. Worth.  1988-Present: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), worked in Human Resources and Training as Chief, Regional Automated Systems Section.  Implemented HR Manager and Regional Automated Training System applications nation-wide in all IRS offices.  Director, Personnel/EEO Training Institute, responsible for all personnel/EEO training for the IRS.  Supervisor, Personnel Services Training Office.  Presently, Systems Operations Team Leader for the IRS’ Learning Management System, Plateau Talent Management System, version 5.8.  Used for all training within the IRS.  On the personal side of life since graduation, in September of 1973 I married Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen, a.k.a. Dora, who also worked for WRF.  In December of 1974 I went to Guam (delayed honeymoon) with Dora for her to take the citizenship test and become a naturalized U.S. citizen.  I then flew back through Hong Kong so she could get a Visa for entry back into Viet Nam.  In April of 1975, we took the last Pan Am 747 out of Saigon just a few days before the North Vietnamese tanks rolled in.  Dora was 4 months pregnant with our first son. During the time period from July 1975, Dora and I had three boys.  Our older son attended UT Arlington & Medical School at UT San Antonio.  He is now an Anesthesiologist in the Army, married, living in Hawaii and expecting his first child soon.  He spent six months in Iraq in 2009.  Our middle son went to the Air Force Academy, served 5 years active duty, got out, returned to DFW and started his own business designing web pages.  Our youngest son also went to the Air Force Academy, played on the tennis team for four years and was assistant tennis coach one year.  He is married and has one son born last January.  They are now stationed at Masawa AFB in northern Japan.  Dora and I enjoy playing tennis and working in and around our home in Arlington, TX where we have lived in since 1979We attend the Kadampa Buddhist Meditation Center in Arlington.


  Since or 50th reunion I have made some significant changes in my life.  In 2012 I got divorced from my wife of 37 years.  We raised 3 boys, however, when the empty nest came along we seemed to grow further apart.  In 2013 I married Jo Ann Smith.  She grew up in Ft. Worth and has lived in Burleson, TX for the past 30+ years.  She worked in Education for 38+ years as a first grade teacher, counselor, assistant principle, and diagnostician before retiring.  Since retiring she has been active in the Texas Retired Teacher's Association (TRTA).  She served as local president of the Burleson Chapter and as president of District 11, composed of 22 local districts in the north central Texas area.  She also served 6 years on the Burleson School Board. In 2014 I retired and bought a house in Burleson on the 15th fairway of the Southern Oaks Golf Course and enjoy playing golf every week.  I also work as a Marshal on the course one afternoon a week. Together, Jo Ann and I have 6 grandchildren.  They are the joy of our lives.  I really like retirement.  If anyone wants to play a round of golf give me a call.

Betty Jo Shefield Hardy & Murray Kenneth Hardy
After graduation from Sunset, Murray and Betty Jo both entered Baylor University.  Murray's major was religion and Betty Jo's was elementary education.  They married in June 1962 right after completing their sophomore year.  Both earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor.  After graduation, They moved to Ft. Worth and Murray entered Southwestern Seminary.  While there he earned a Master of Divinity degree.  Later, while the Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Anahuac, Texas, Murray earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Southwestern Seminary.  During our many years in the ministry, they lived in Hearne, Conroe, New Caney, and Anahuac, Texas before moving to Arizona.  Betty Jo taught school in most of those towns in which they lived and finally retired after 33 years of teaching some very precious children.  Murray is still working part-time as a chaplain at the Prescott V.A. hospital and also teaches their adult Sunday School class.  The highlight of their lives have been their children and grandchildren.  They have three sons - Kenneth, David, and Chris.  The four grandchildren are Joanna (11), Josh (11), Erica (9), and Jessica (8).  They are the apples of their eye and love to be with them.  Last Christmas when they were all in Colorado, they had great fun taking the four grandchildren to Santa's Workshop at the North Pole.  Then the next day it snowed so much that everyone went sledding.  Over the years, Murray and Betty Jo have attended all but one of the Sunset reunions and have enjoyed each and every one.  It's wonderful to see old friends again, although they wish they lived closer and could get together with them more often. 

Dorthea Jean Watkins Hill

I graduated from The University of North Texas in May 1964 and married Gary Hill (SOC 59) in August of that same year.  We have two children (both graduates of Abilene Christian University) and four granddaughters.  Our lives have led us to live in Lewisville, Richardson, McKinney, Garland and Horseshoe Bay. Out of state we have resided in Detroit, Washington D.C. and Bentonville, Arkansas.  In Texas, I taught school in Lewisville and Mesquite, out of State in Dearborn, Michigan and Fairfax, Virginia.  My primary career has been that of a mom and support for my husband who has served as an executive with Texas Instruments, EDS and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.  We presently live in Bentonville where Gary recently retired as Vice President and Global Ethics Officer for the Wal-Mart Stores.  We have traveled extensively and recently completed travels to China (a trip all should make) and Hawaii. Our trips to Australia and New Zealand were amazing, but the time we met up with my lifelong friend Mary Ann Isom in London was the best!  Can you see us laughing and making jokes about two little Oak Cliff Girls together in London?  Life after Sunset has been very good!

Ruth Ann Burris Hill

Can it be five decades? How did my life go? Well, here are some of the pieces….  After Sunset it was Baylor for a BA and journalism studies, and then months living and touring in Europe where the travel bug bit me so hard enough I’ve never recovered. I’ve roamed the world a lot and reported professionally on the business and pleasures of travel for the last 20 years - first for newspapers and magazines - now online too. Next trip in October: Israel, second time around. Once place to read me: I’ve lived and worked most of the past 50 years in the Washington, DC area. Originally got here as a press assistant for Senator Ralph Yarborough after Europe, then spent some time in the telecommunications private industry as an editor. Then, it was nearly two decades in the studio photography business with my former husband. It was during those years we reared son Brad, who is now a Virginia business owner himself, and the father of my two little grands, Clara and Laura. We all live in Northern Virginia. In case you are wondering, the nation’s capital is not all partisan rancor and politics. It’s filled with fascinating people from all over the world and I’ve met a few of them. I love all the history and electricity that crackles in its veins. And because I live in the midst of Civil War history next to the Manassas National Battlefield Park, I’m surrounded by America’s heritage. Sunset days seem a long way back, but I am looking forward to the fun of looking back and catching up with classmates! Here’s to another five decades!

 Michael A. Jenkins
I’ve always had a love for music.  When I was fourteen I started working as an usher at the Dallas Summer Musicals.  Charles R. Meeker, Jr., the original producer, was my mentor at the Music Hall.  I studied stage design which took me into the development and planning of Six Flags Over Texas, where I was vice president of entertainment and new projects, and participated in the development of all the Six Flags parks.  I co-produced the CBS national telecast of the Miss Teenage American Pageant for six years and was co-producer of To Broadway With Love at the New York World’s Fair.  I am presently the President and Managing Director for the Dallas Summer Musicals and the President and Founder of Leisure and Recreation Concepts (LARC).  Dallas Summer Musicals (DSM) is involved in more than 20 productions annually (both produced and presented).  DSM Management Group operates four theaters and has a training school that has had more than 1,000 students in the last five years.  I have worked to take musical theater in Dallas to a new level of excellence and popularity, understanding that “show business” is about being creative and putting on the show but also running the show as a “business.”   I recently produced on Broadway the new Flower Drum Song; Brooklyn, the Musical; Sixteen Wounded, Jay Johnson: The Two and Only, Boeing-Boeing, Legally Blonde, Guys and Dolls, 9 to 5, Vanities, Memphis and many shows are now in development.  LARC is a design and consulting firm for the entertainment industry that includes theme parks, water parks, special event productions, aquariums and a variety of other attractions.  I completed a two-year term as President of the National Alliance for Musical Theatre and continue to serve on the Board of Directors.  I am a participating member of The Broadway League and the Independent Producers Network, and am on the Board of Directors of Silverleaf Resorts.  I am a founding member of the Southeast Tourism Society Marketing College; and serve on a number of civic Boards including the American Heart Association (past-chairman) and Variety Club of North Texas.  I also am an advisor to the Dallas Cowboys and other major corporations.

William (Bill) Boyd Kibler
I have lived most of my life here in Dallas, Texas.  I have made a living in the construction industry for 39 years. The greatest part of my life has been my family.  My wife Ann and I were married in 1986.  Ann has a daughter, Allison and I have a daughter, Kelly and a son, Kirk. Kelly and her husband, Tom, have a daughter Lucy and a son Dylan. Kirk and his wife Tracy have two daughters Lilly and Beatrice and a son Beck.  We all live in Dallas so frequent visits are easy!  Kirk and Kelly’s Mom Jean, lives in Dallas as well, so our grandkids get plenty of attention from grandparents. My son bought my business in 2003 so I am semi-retired and now trying to learn how to play golf. I think I am losing the battle, but I won’t give up. I enjoy getting together with some of my Sunset friends every January for golf and hunting in west Texas. I also enjoy the constant chatter of the Bison email group; a group of about 25 Bison that reconnected about five years ago and share both the good and bad experiences of life while growing old together.  Ann and I are members of First United Methodist Church and have many good friends in our Sunday School Class, including Marshall Wilson and Hazael Hale Taylor.

Larry Lynn Kinney
After graduation, I spent too many years at UT partying and after a sojourn at William and Mary graduated from UT-Arlington.  I married a southern belle flight attendant and had two sons who are single and never been married, of whom I’m very proud, but who apparently intend on being their own children’s grandpa.  They are young and full of promise.  I am presently divorced after 31 years of marriage, semi-retired from the oil and gas business and living in the Clear Lake area of Houston, a literal stone's throw from NASA.  I still fondly remember the State Fair of Texas and those street car rides across Dallas.

Vicki Avis Fulghum Leaden
50 years, really?  This is a kindergarten reunion I’m sure! Anyway, it’s been a good ride.  My path included a BA in Math from TCU in 1963 followed by 3 years teaching high school Algebra & Geometry in Ft. Worth while working on getting 30 credit hours to get certified for teaching.  Efforts to use my TCU computer training were not productive in TX, so, while spending the summer of 1966 in NYC, I decided to try the Big Apple and took a trainee spot with Univac.  After 35 years with Univac, Citibank and three major NY Medical Centers, I decided to retire and just enjoy the City for a while.  In 1968, I met and married Danny Lawler, a delightful golf pro from CT who taught nationally.  He was half leprechaun and we had 22 marvelous years together before he died in 1990.  Unfortunately, I was not able to have children of my own, but my present husband, John, has filled that gap with his 13 children, 27 grandchildren and 10 great-grands.  We currently live in Sarasota, FL and summer in CT. In both places we are fortunate to have a friendly, active parish and condo community.  In our Sarasota parish I use the 22 years of liturgical training I received at St. Patrick Cathedral in NY and also help with sacramental calls and concert scheduling.  My health care background now finds it’s outlet at our local hospital as a volunteer supporting various ancillary functions one day a week.

Joe Long
I have two daughters and three grandchildren.  I retired several years ago after completing 41 years as a criminal investigator. Twenty-seven of those years were in Law Enforcement.  I was a guest Instructor at the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy in Austin and Sam Houston State University specializing  in Credit Card Abuse.  I have been a semi-professional musician since I was fourteen and have played with several major recording artists.  At the age of sixteen I learned to fly and continue to this day as a pilot and aircraft owner.  My wife is also a licensed pilot.  I have lived in San Antonio since 1986 where I met my wife, Gayle.  We love to travel in our Airstream trailer and spend three months each year traveling across the U.S.  We have also traveled extensively with our aircraft. Until recently we have enjoyed downhill skiing but have since retired from this activity.  We live on a small farm in Saint Hedwig just outside San Antonio and enjoy the country life with our two very spoiled cats that also travel with us in our Airstream.

Marshall Earl Martin
I have taught at Southern Methodist University, the University of Dallas and given lectures in several other universities and seminaries, but nothing materialized for me at the time to pursue an academic career so I did something else.  My Ph.D. is from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, (1976), in The History, Languages and Archeology of the Middle East.

Bill Matthews
I attended Texas A&M where I found my wife and sweetheart, Linda McGuire, and obtained a BA in Math.  Married in ’64, 1st child, a boy, born in ’65, another son in ’70 and a daughter in ’75.  We moved to Irving in ’65 and, with the exception of a 3 years assignment in Rome, Italy, have lived here ever since.  I joined IBM in ’68 with various job assignments that have taken me to most of the states as well as several countries in Europe, South America and the far east.  I retired at the end of 2007.  We have two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. We have enjoyed taking tours to Egypt (took a ship down the Nile), Alaska, Panama, Western Mexico and a Christmas Market trip on the Danube.  My current hobbies include Genealogy and building a model train layout.  Linda enjoys quilting and the grandkids.

Paula Dell Carter McCulloch
The years have gone by fast for me and I have been blessed.  Sunset High School was  a good foundation for my life.  I loved the school, our teachers, the band program, the dance band, all the things we did.  I spent the next seven years at SMU getting a degree in accounting and law.  I took the bar exam and the next weekend married Andy McCulloch.  I instantly became a step-mom to his four children, ages four, six, nine and ten (three girls and a boy).  What was I thinking?  Now we have been married 42 years.  Soon after we married we added a son and daughter to the group for a total of six kids.  We  were members of Northwest Bible Church while the kids were growing up.  As empty nesters, we attend Highland Park Methodist Church here in Dallas and we have  ten "very dear to us" grandchildren.  We had quite a busy schedule with car pools, kid's sports, school trips, and church.  Our children have significant Texas A&M and University of Texas rivalries that make it fun these days during football season.  For the last ten years or so we have earmarked the Thanksgiving Holiday as a time to gather the family and plan some kind of outrageous activity to encourage family solidarity.  One year we had our version of the Amazing Race.  Some of our hit Thanksgiving activities were Turkey Bowling, Marshmallow Gun fights, a Scavenger Hunt, and a Miniature Golf Tournament in the backyard.  I will fill you in if you ask me about these events at the reunion.  I have worked during my marriage practicing family law on my own in North Dallas and still have an office only blocks from our home at the intersection of the LBJ Freeway and Hillcrest Rd.  I specialize in Family Law and that turned out to be a joy for me, as I like to be in a Courtroom and I like working with people one on one.  My husband is Scottish and we have enjoyed a tradition of playing up that heritage for the family.  Andy worked as a lawyer also, but he is now retired.  He  is a great photographer  and computer geek.  When I have free time, I love to spend it will family, travel, dabble with water colors, attend concerts and go to museums.  My younger brother also attended Sunset seven years later than we did.  He is Jimmy Carter.  I kid him because he has the same name as a former president.  He became a lawyer also and we practice law together these days in the same office along with my daughter, who acts as our paralegal.  Everyday it is a pleasure to go to work in such a nice environment.  I have not done any bungee jumping, sky diving or mountain climbing.  But, I am always ready for adventure.  By the Grace of God these years have been wonderful.

Kenneth Wayne McGill
Let’s see how much I can remember of my life worth telling. After graduation, I spent five good years at Arlington State College. I was there for the name change to The University of Texas at Arlington but missed the squabble over the name of the football team and other sports and related activities. It was the Rebels back in those days but to be politically correct it was changed to the Mavericks I think.  I have worked in financial institutions, for construction companies (hello Bill), and spent the last productive years of my employment as the Managing Principal of a large public accounting firm in Dallas. I retired in April 2008 and have had a ball since. I love fishing and hunting and have some great pictures and stories about both. My wife, Sharon, and I have four children. I have two girls and Sharon has two boys. Between them and their spouses, we have nine grandchildren who are all very close.

Bertha Anita Majors Miller
Anita Majors Miller now lives in Fairview, Texas.  She is married to Donald E. Miller (Class of 1959).  Anita has retired from teaching and is now enjoying the leisure life of working in the yard.

Patricia Jeanette Bowland Parsons
We can't possibly be old enough to be preparing for our 50th reunion!  Seems only yesterday we graduated and went our separate ways.  I only made it as far as Denton for college and then for only a year.  I would have two children cheering me on when I finally did graduate from North Texas University with a BA in English several years later.  I returned to Dallas to work at the old Texas Bank & Trust at the corner of Main and Lamar.  The bank entered me in the Miss Downtown Dallas contest and, surprisingly, I won.  It was a wonderful year of representing the City.  After that I left the business world to marry and start my family.  Julie arrived in 1964, followed by Jay in 1968.  I sold real estate in the area for five years which satisfied my need to get out of the house and around people while the kids were in school.  Unfortunately, my marriage failed.  I eventually remarried and moved my family to Midland, Texas.  I worked for the First National Bank and moved with my boss to ClayDesta National Bank.  There I was recruited by Clayton Williams to be his personal secretary.  It was an exciting time in my life.  After I moved back to Dallas, he ran unsuccessfully for Governor against Ann Richards.  Another divorce left me single again.  I worked as secretary to Raymond Hay when he was the CEO of LTV Corporation, and after his retirement I was hired as a legal secretary.  My career culminated when I retired from Jones Day in 2007.  At Jones Day I was secretary to the head of litigation and was a member of trial teams that defended corporations all over the country.  We never lost!  I met my current husband, David Parsons, at a singles Sunday School class and we married 13 years ago.  Finally, I have a soul mate to grow old with.  I have five grandchildren and two step-grandchildren.  They are life's rewards.  We currently are living in our RV and working for the City of Grapevine as fee collectors for the nine city-owned boat ramps.  We also work occasionally at the British Airways Lounge at DFW airport where we have met some wonderful people.  Our retirement home on a lake in East Texas is on the market for we have fallen in love with Grapevine and hope to settle here permanently.  It was great to see all my Bison buddies at the Reunion.  I think we are so blessed to have each other and such great memories.

Kay Foster Peltier
Hi there everyone.  Gosh, I can't believe that 50 years have gone by since we all graduated.  It seems to have passed so quickly.  I was so excited to be able to see all of you at the Reunion.  W
e had have such a great time.  I graduated in June and Married the man of my dreams in August, 1960.  We just celebrated our 50th. and it has been a wonderful life.  We have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  We have truly been blessed with such a wonderful family. We lived in Dallas until 1966 and moved to Memphis.  We moved back to Dallas in 1970 and then moved to Huntington Beach, Ca. in 1977.  We lived in Calif. until 1990 and moved to Seoul, Korea.  We were there 2 1/2 years and then moved to Singapore.  We were there for 2 1/2 years and then to Minneapolis, MN., then to Detroit, Mi.  Lee retired in 2000 and we moved to Tyler, TX.  We have been here ever since.  We have done a lot of traveling in our 50 years.  We are very involved with our church in Tyler.  We attend St. Mary Magdalene in Flint.  Lee and I are over the Welcoming Ministry and enjoy it so very much.  We are also over Couples night out which is once a month.  We are kept really busy.  I also volunteer at the food pantry at our church and it is a great way to be able to help those less fortunate and who are struggling during this time.  I have had a very full life.  I am very fortunate as I had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  I am truly a survivor and lucky to be around.  Life is very good.  I read all the bios and it is amazing what all of you have done with your lives so far.  I feel very honored to be in your company.

Joseph (Joe) Reynolds
I married Caroline Campbell in August of 1964. We had one son who’s a physicist and mechanical engineer in California.   After Sunset I went to Austin to the University of Texas. Other than two summers back at my folk’s house, I’ve lived in Austin since. We’ve always been in the central city.  I went to UT planning on a Physics career, but due to a quirk of administrative process I ended up with a Math degree. Then I was one of the first graduate students in Computer Science, and got a Computer Science masters with Electrical Engineering as a secondary focus. I never finished the PhD.  I started working at a UT spin-off in 1963 while still in school, Tracor, which is a defense contractor that became Austin’s first Fortune 500 company and initiated much of the technical focus in town. I did applied research for 40 years. Along the way we did some fun and innovative things; doing the research to allow development of a lot of technology. I did a lot of human factors and computer-human interaction work that led to the displays you saw in “Hunt for Red October”. The list is too long for here.  We’ve done a lot of precinct level politics and election support. Right now we’re election judges for a couple of precincts.  We’re the guys who check your ID and get you to the voting machines.  We’re active in neighborhood activities. I’ve been an officer in the neighborhood association [not like a condo board, in Austin neighborhood associations work on zoning and planning issues. We have 3100 families.] and I am active in holding the city staff to count for how they perform their duties. I just ran the neighborhood July 4th Parade, the 51st.  We had 1500 to 2000 folks in costume and on floats celebrate Independence Day with Amy’s Ice Cream, Cup Cakes, JimJim’s, and speeches by politicians.  For fun I fly my hot air balloon [and lead a bunch of stuff like FAA Safety Seminars in that area.] This summer we’ll fly around Austin, but also at Fredericksburg; and the first Saturday in August we’ll fly over Lake Travis. We’ve been going to Albuquerque for Fiesta since 1984.  I have season tickets to UT baseball games and we’ll make some Astros and Ranger games.  I’m welding some yard items, a trellis, and ‘bottle tree’ to get ready to do any welding needed when a buddy and I build an electric dragster.  And, I’m building some JA processor based instruments. Some will control kinetic art that a ballooning friend and I are doing.  We’re currently working on a water cannon that looks like an Archerfish.  Recently I’ve been working on the house. I just finished replacing the door handle on my 1991 Mazda RX-7. July 10 I set stages and tents for a Nicola Tesla birthday party. Tesla pretty much invented modern electric power and radio. His most spectacular invention is the Tesla Coil which makes lightening. At the birthday party we had a band that uses the spark front from a pair of 10ft coils as ‘speakers’ for the music.

Mary Caroline Campbell Reynolds
I married classmate Joe Reynolds in August of 1964, after I graduated from college. We have one son, Kurth, a physicist and mechanical engineer working for Synaptics, in California.  After Sunset I went to Rice Institute in Houston to become a Chemical Engineer. After two years I decided to change to chemistry major and graduated from Rice University, with Tommy Mosby, Doug Kleinman, Joan Dale Roberts and Earle Hembree, in 1964.  The following summer I worked at Mobil’s field research lab in Duncanville, then married Joe and started at University of Texas graduate school in Chemistry because there were few jobs for chemists in Austin.  When Kurth was young, I was treasurer of the Co-operative Nursery School, and when he started kindergarten, I returned to graduate school in chemical engineering at UT.  I took a spring (really winter in South Bend IN) semester in 1977 to attend an National Science Foundation program at Notre Dame to learn the basics of environmental law and engineering. Before I received my degree in Chem. Eng. I started working for the State in solid waste facility regulation. It gave me the opportunity to read and, subsequently, write the agency’s comments on the new EPA Hazardous Waste Rules.  I worked with consulting firms in waste management until ’91, working w/ CH2MHill in Dallas and Woodward-Clyde in Houston in the ‘80s, after Kurth started college in California. Then I did a stint with Dupont’s Environmental Remediation Service in Houston until ’93, when I returned to Austin to start my own firm, CR Solutions. Through all, Austin has been home.  My education includes:  Rice Institute/ Rice University, B.A., Chemistry, ’64; University of Texas at Austin, M.A., Chemistry, ’73 and University of Texas at Austin, M.S., Chemical Engineering, ’79.  My professional associations include:  Registered Professional Engineer in Texas; Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Chair and Vice-Chair of Austin Section, ’82-84; Treasurer, Environmental Division, ’85-’90; Chair and Vice-Chair of Environmental Division, ’90-93; Treasurer, Women’s Initiative, 2000-present; Chair, Professional Development Committee, 2005- present; and the National Commission for the Examination of Engineers and Surveyors, Chemical Committee, 2004 – present.  When Kurth was young, I was treasurer of the Co-operative Nursery School. When Kurth started kindergarten, I returned to graduate school in chemical engineering at UT.  Most all of my career has been in the public arena. Working for or with state agencies to evaluate and clean up waste spills or to properly operate waste storage and disposal sites. Several times I have been expert or fact witness in public hearing or in civil trials.  Recently, I have begun, more and more, to assist my neighbors and acquaintances with reading City ordinances and writing good business letters or making phone calls to get problems addressed in our neighborhoods.  I urge everyone to find out what your City ordinances say. It may not be exciting reading, but you’ll find that your neighbor cannot shoot a compound bow at your back fence to entertain his friends on a Saturday, or any other, night. He cannot run a business that piles its trash on his parkway every day of the week waiting for the Big Pickup Day garbage day that only comes every 3 months. He cannot park his 18-wheeler on the front lawn or park 6 junkers on the street until he has time to run them in the destruction derby. There are many more hidden gems in there for you to find.  I enjoy traveling for business and adventure. NCEES brings me to Clemson for four days every spring and fall so that I can experience a second spring each year and see leaves turn in the fall.  I love to read, mostly non-fiction. If you haven’t read it yet, get Three Cups of Tea, a truly fascinating story of what one person can do to change the world.  A special adventure was attending Notre Dame in 1977 to learn about environmental law and engineering. I drove up by myself and stayed with a friend of the family. I quickly learned to wipe the snow from the windshield and how to drive on the icy bridge over the river every day. Thermals and hat, scarf and gloves were my best friends for lasting through one of the coldest winters on record there. It was 20° the night before I arrived.  I still play my clarinet with the all-volunteer Austin Symphonic Band.  Well, actually, I bought a new clarinet some years ago. I’ve played with the band for over 25 years and have many friends there. We play for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day at the Zilker Hillside outdoor stage and for 4th of July in Round Rock and Old Founders’ Day at Bastrop. It is a thrill to see the pride and enjoyment of the public during the patriotic concerts and fireworks. The band also plays three indoor concerts during the winter and we have been invited to play for Texas Bandmasters Association and three times for the MidWest Music Clinic in Chicago. Once we had Frederick Fennell drop by rehearsal and guest conduct! We usually have the composer of the pieces we are playing drop by and answer questions or make suggestions about his/her intentions.  Earlier this year, the band played at the Eisemann Center for the meeting of the Association of Community Bands. You can see most of our concert in the Video Gallery on our web site. There is also an audio gallery that is quite extensive.  To hear us play, go to:  I am still consulting some; I enjoy working with clients.  I am active in AIChE activities at national meetings.  Joe and I are election judges in our precinct, making sure all the computers run smoothly and educating our neighbors about how the precinct convention works. Austin is known nationally for the professionalism of our County Clerk and the election worker training and polling system.  Joe and I are getting the yard back into shape after the couple of years we worked on the new addition w/ the office over the garage.  We get to Dallas several times a year to visit with my Mom and Dad who keep busy, but usually find a bit of time to come to Austin and visit us.


Jerry Rhome
Married to a great woman Carmen.  Have four children and 6 grandchildren, retired, living in Atlanta, GA
healthy and happy, and I love all my Bison friends.

Elizabeth (Liz) Ann Young Roper
After graduation, I attended college in Texas at Southern Methodist University.   I moved to upper east Tennessee in 1969 and eventually received my degree in accounting.  My husband and I raised two daughters one of which still lives in Tennessee and the other in Wylie, Texas.  I have four grandchildren.  I divorced in 1984 and remarried in 1985.  We now have a blended family.  My husband, Wendell, has two boys and 4 grandchildren.  We relocated back to Texas in 2003 and I am employed as a staff accountant at Cambium Learning, Inc. in Dallas. 

Katerina (Trina) Papachroni Smporou

I was an Exchange Student to Sunset in 1960 from Volos, Greece.  My maiden name is Papachroni.  While at Sunset, everyone knew me as "Trina".  In August of 1960 I moved from Dallas back to Volos.  After my final year examinations in High School, I applied for studies at the "Athenian Tecnological Institut" in 1961.  For three years I studied: Art History, Grafic Arts and Architecture and Design of Interior Space.  I was encouraged to specialize in Furniture Design.  At the same time I attended evening painting classes.  Beginning in 1964 I worked in ROLOI Art Gallery where the best Greek painters and sculptors displayed items of 'EFIRMOSMENIS TEHNIS' (Applied Arts).  During 1965-1966 I worked in the highest selling woman’s magazine at the time, "GYNAIKA”, in the department of Graphic Design.  In December of 1966 I returned to Volos and married Paris Smporos (pronounced Sboros in Greek), who is a pharmacist.  Paris and I rejoiced when our son, Vassilis, was born in July of 1968.  He went to school in Volos and later studied Physics at the University of Athens (BSc Hons) for four years (1992), then MSc in Medical Physics (1994) in the University of Aberdeen, UK and his PHD in ‘Ultrasound imaging’ at the University of Edinburgh (1999).  During the period of 1974 through 2001, I was employed by 'The National Organization of Handicrafts" (EOMMEX).  My job included all promotion of traditional arts’ heritage made in Central Greece, and involved design, execution of art- and craftwork, and training of artists and craftsmen.  In addition, I organized national and international exhibitions.  2001-2006: Following the closure of EOMMEX I was offered a job in the Archaeological Museum of Volos, where I was in charge of the archiving that included the generation of authentic reproduction designs of excavated objects.  I retired in 2006 after 34 years when my career was interrupted for the first eight years for my family.  My son married Theresa Valtin, originally from Frankfurt, Germany. They live in Edinburgh Scotland to this day.  In 2008 I visited Dallas and Sara Sue Hunt's Family for the first time after 1960. All of these years we were in contact (including with her parents) and they had visited several times Greece.  In January of 2010, my grandson, Elias Paris, was born in Edinburgh.  For those who would like to write to me, my mailing address is: Dimitriados 265, 38221 Volos, Greece.  It has been a GREAT experience to me to live among you for a year and I recall those memories with much love.  Thanks to Susan Heth’s family, who first invited me, and to Susie Hunt’s family where I finally lived. I spent a MARVELOUS YEAR.  I thank each one of you for being my school mates.  May you all be as healthy as possible and I hope that you are pleased with your life since 1960.  May we all be proud of the good moments and wiser from the bad moments in our lives.

Anna Meistrell Symank

I've lived in Irving for 45 years.  I have been married to Milton Symank for 48 years and we are looking forward to our upcoming 50th Anniversary in two years.  We have one daughter, Melisa Martin, who lives in Coppell, TX.  We also have three wonderful grandchildren.  Our granddaughter, Lauren, graduates from college in 2011.  Grandson Blake is a Junior in college, and grandson Garrett will graduate from high school 2011.  I love gardening and photography.  I have retired from the business world, but have worked as a substitute for Irving ISD for the past 8 years.  We attend Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Irving.  I head up an effort, Showers of Blessings, at my church offering Free School Supplies to Children in Irving who need assistance with them. This year we have 330 students who will receive Free School Supplies.  I'm still living and learning.

Hazael Maurine Hale
   The first four years after graduation were spent getting my BS degree at Texas Tech.   In 1964 I married my former husband, Wes Taylor, and then spent the following two years living in Bryan-College Station teaching school.  In early 1966 we moved to Ft. Worth where I was a typical housewife and the mother of three precious children - a boy and two know, PTA, Cub Scout den mother, Camp Fire leader, etc., but also active in many local community organizations and my church.  I attended classes at the University of Texas in Arlington in those days.  My husband worked for the Texas Electric Service Co.   In 1986 he was transferred to Dallas to become the president of Dallas Power and Light and we had to move  to Dallas.   About that time all 3 children started universities, so I went to work again as a school teacher in De Soto, Texas and in the Dallas Independent School District.   During this time I worked on my Masters Degree in Library Science at University of North Texas and became a librarian.  My goal had been to be a public library reference librarian....never made that goal.  Dallas is closing its libraries most of the days of the week for the next budget year so I guess the Lord knew best for me!  Still life has been fun and I love every minute of it.   Dallas held its challenges, but they were just mountains to climb.  I am now retired and wonder why I can't seem to slow down and enjoy the roses!   Have the rocking chair [facing east to watch the moon come up], but it just gathers dust cause I can't find time to just sit in it.   But that day will come I am sure!


John Franklin Teer, VIII
After graduation I met my lovely wife, Carolyn, while I was working as a radio announcer.  After marrying this wonderful woman, I went back to school and earned my B.A. with a double major in Speech and English, an M.S. in Counseling, an M.Th. in Theology (three year seminary degree) and my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  A lot of things were happening in my life during the time-line from graduation to the present.  Along the way, Carolyn and I had two great kids, Jennifer and Jeffrey and we now have seven grandchildren.  I've been a Deputy Sheriff, taught high school, a radio announcer and was a school principal.  I still maintain currency as a Commercial Pilot, FAA Certified Single and Multiengine Flight Instructor and Advanced FAA Ground Instructor.  I have been an amateur radio operator for over fifty years.  I was ordained a United Methodist minister in 1965 and served as the pastor in United Methodist churches for nine years before entering the U.S. Army as a Chaplain.  After twenty years in the Army (I’m one of the Viet Nam era veterans you hear about), I moved to Harlingen, Texas to a position with one of the hospitals as the Director of Clinical Pastoral Education.  I held the same position in the Army at Walter Reed Army Medical Center just before retiring from military service as a Lieutenant Colonel.  After fourteen years at the civilian medical center in Harlingen, I decided to enter private practice as a psychological therapist and counselor.  Although I’m “officially” retired, I still maintain a small private practice to keep my skills sharp.  During the nineteen years I have lived in Harlingen I have also served as the volunteer Chaplain for the local police department for ten years and then decided to change positions to become a volunteer chaplain for the Texas Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol).  In 2007 I was recruited to become a volunteer chaplain for the FBI.  Little did I know that I would have to again have a Top Secret Clearance as I did during my latter time in the Army.  The FBI background investigation took eighteen months.  Alas, they decided after the long investigation that I was “squeaky clean” and didn’t pose a threat to national security and I was assigned to provide chaplain coverage for the FBI agents in the Rio Grande Valley.  Each year I spend two weeks at the FBI Headquarters Academy in Quantico, Virginia providing chaplain services for the FBI Academy and other FBI personnel.  I split my time now between my small private practice and the FBI.  Of course, Carolyn has priority in my life and always comes first above all else.  We celebrated our 52d wedding anniversary in 2014.  I can never say that I’m bored and don’t know what to do.  The Lord has truly blessed me in many ways in my life.    

Mary Ellen Cross Vidar

Wow – so much has happened in 50 years.  Sitting down to write this might actually be therapeutic!  First of all, went off to Texas Tech, pledged a sorority – majored in Music – the whole nine yards.  But the next summer married Dick Click who had been at TCU.  We thought we couldn’t live without each other – so married and went back to Lubbock.  He finished school, and I got pregnant and had a beautiful son, then a few years later a second son.  Fast forward to Dick and I unfortunately splitting up after ten years, and me moving to the CA Bay Area with my two sons.   Loved living in CA, married a great guy who had a love of travel as I did.  We have been fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit…  from diving on the Great Barrier Reef to Safaris in Africa to trekking in SE Asia to name a few.  It’s difficult to say what has been my favorite.  I’ve loved it all!  Ken and I moved from California to Montana 16 years ago to develop a 7,000-acre residential equestrian ranch community.  We both were RE Brokers in CA, so we transferred these skills to Montana and worked this development for years. I fulfilled a dream of having my own horses.  (Showing & selling property on horseback is a real kick!)  There are thousands of acres to trail ride, including a great river to traverse.  We of course learned to fly fish – I even have my own waders!  We are still in Montana, but I’m now retired, and spend most of the winters now in either the Riviera Maya at our place in Mexico or with friends in warm climates.  I’ve skied most of my life, and MT is a skiing mecca, but my skiing days may be at an end.  I was in a near-fatal auto accident a few years ago, breaking nearly everything in my body.  I was in the hospital for two months, had many surgeries, lots of rehab, etc.  I’m doing very well now, but not riding horses or skiing anymore.  However, I DO have nine grandchildren who occupy a lot of my time! I still love to play the piano, and I’m back to golfing again, but can’t say I’m breaking any records there!  I’m healthy and just happy to “keep on keeping-on!”

Robert Wacaser
I went to Arlington State College and got a BS in Math in 1964.  I went to UT Austin and received an MA in Analysis (Abstract Algebra) in January, 1966.  I taught a semester in Alice, then a year at Stephen F Austin and then spent the next 3 years teaching at Kumasi Academy in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa.  Returning home in 1970, I taught in South Central Los Angles spending the summers at UCSB in a NSF program that resulted in an MEd in Teaching Computer Science in 1973.  I returned to Dallas after my father died in 1974.  I was interviewed at DISD by our old principal at Stockard who remembered me from the Projector Club.  Recognizing my need for adventure, he suggested SOC and I taught math and computer science there until 1979.  I was also in the Naval Reserves and taught at El Centro in the evenings.  In 1979 I decided to go into industry and worked in CADD/CAM as a systems analyst and project manager for Computervision.  In 1986, I started my own business, Designing Software, Inc.  I wrote value added software for CADD systems, consulted and taught an occasional class in AutoCadd, Computervision and related programming languages.  I went back to teaching in 1997 after my mother became ill and I could no longer travel like I needed to. I taught at Spruce and Woodrow Wilson until 2009 when I retired.  I don't know what I'll do next.  I plan on just chillin' until I'm 70 or so. I have a friend who returned to Ghana recently to help run a school there.  I may join her later on if my health remains good.

Juanita Faye Hargis Wagener
I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Home Economics from East Texas State University (now Texas A&M, Commerce) in 1964.  In 1965, moved to Corpus Christi, and taught Homemaking for twelve years at Roy Miller High School.  A need to move forward sent me to graduate school at Oklahoma State University where I received a Master of Science degree in Clothing, Textiles and Merchandising in 1978.  Moving back to Dallas, I taught 10 ½ more years at David Carter High School, leaving in 1988.  I met future husband (a neighbor), Walter Wagener, a retired Navy journalist, in 1985, and married on September 11 1987, becoming a wife, mother and grandmother that day.  During the 90s, Walt was asked to conduct the Public Relations for a Blue Angels Air show at the former Naval Air Station, Dallas.  Later he was asked to edit the Sky Ranger, the base news magazine.  I began doing the advertising layout for a Parents Without Partners magazine.  Later, Walt edited The Sentinel, a newspaper for military retirees, and I assisted him by editing the photos and emailing the copy to the publisher.  The paper was published for seven more years.  Currently, we edit another newspaper, The Chiefs, for the Chief Petty Officers Association.  Each of these newspaper stints has given us opportunity to travel around the United States meeting many interesting people.  Sewing was always my favorite past time but since being married to Walt, I have other interests -- archery and target shooting.  I also enjoy photography and doing things on my MAC.  I have made many DVDs for family and friends.  We have 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Earl Weaver
 I joined the Navy after graduation and in 12 years I served aboard two Diesel Electric Subs ( USS Spikefish SS-404 & USS Grenadier SS-525 ), 1 Destroyer ( USS Bristol DD-857 ), one Rescue and Salvage Ship ( USS Bolster ARS-38 ). As a salvage diver I served two tours in Viet Nam, one tour in the Philippines, and my final tour with the "Man In The Sea Program" in San Diego doing saturation diving and made several deep dives including one to 650 ft. I left the Navy in 1972 and joined the San Diego Police Dept for three years. I came back to Texas and worked for my Dad running the refining department of SWEST Inc, refining gold and silver. It was there I met my third wife, Becky, and we now have been married 32 years with four kids and four grandkids. In 1980 I opened a SCUBA diving store in Plano called Divers Training Center. In 1995 I retired from diving and became a biker. I joined the Viet Nam Vets M/C in 1999 and still ride with them today. I am retired and 100% disabled with the VA and I live in the Red River Valley on 26 acres in a log home - The closest thing to paradise I could find.

John Donald Weete
After graduation from Sunset in 1960, fellow classmate Buddy DeVore and I went to Cisco Junior College where we played football.  I transferred to Stephen F. Austin State College in Nacogdoches after the first semester where I roomed with fellow Bisons Kent Scott and John Beall.  I received my BS and MS degrees there and then moved to Houston where I received my PhD at the University of Houston in 1970.  After graduation, I did post-doctoral research at the Baylor College of Medicine and then became a Staff Scientist at the NASA-affiliated Lunar Science Institute in Houston where I did research involving lunar soil during the Apollo Program. From Houston, I moved to Auburn, Alabama where I was a Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Science and Mathematics at Auburn University.  During my tenure at Auburn, I held invited and visiting professorships at universities in Canada, Switzerland, and France.  I have authored two books, published numerous book chapters and scientific articles in the field of plant and fungal biochemistry and hold several U.S. patents.  While in Auburn, I met my wife Jennifer of 32 years. We have one daughter, Anna, and two grandsons, Rhys and Taylor.  Anna graduated from Auburn University with a degree in international business and works for a bank in commercial lending in Birmingham, Alabama.  I retired from Auburn University after 25 years with professor and associate dean emeritus status to take the position of Vice President for Research and Economic Development and President of the WVU Research Corporation.  One of my responsibilities at WVU was to serve as the federal relations officer to the West Virginia delegation in Washington, D.C. I was in the Capital Building on 9/11.  Retiring from West Virginia University after nine years, we returned to Auburn where I took the position of Executive Director of the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation with the responsibility of developing the new Auburn Research Park.  In addition, I serve as the Assistant Vice President for Technology Transfer and Commercialization for Auburn University.  Although we grew to like Morgantown, WV very much, we always planned to return to Auburn.  The opportunity for us to be closer to our grandsons and for me to do something I enjoy attracted us back in 2007.  Looking back, I have had a very enjoyable and rewarding career that has allowed me to teach and do research, and to travel and live in various countries where I collaborated with outstanding scientists.  In addition to my family, one of the things I enjoy most is hunting, fishing, and golfing with fellow bison from the class of 1960 each January.   

Derwood Winfree

After leaving Sunset, I attended Centenary College in Shreveport, LA.  I transferred to UNT after two years and finished my degree in Liberal Arts (That means you had lots of different courses and did not specialize in anything.)  I enlisted in the Naval Air Reserve and guarded our country’s coastline in Florida for a short period of time.  I met my wife while we were both working at the Dallas Public Library, and we married on October 22, 1965.  She remains my trophy wife.  I entered the financial services industry in 1966 and I have not completely retired from that.    We have lived in Dallas, Waco, Houston, Chapel Hill, NC,  Edmond, OK , Norman, OK and now we are back in Richardson, TX We have two children and four grandchildren.  I sing in the choir at First United Methodist Church, Richardson and I serve on a few committees for charity and of course the 50th reunion.

Cordell Woods
After Sunset I went to UT Austin. While in school I discovered computers and eventually hired on with Control Data Corp. In 1967 they transferred me to Atlanta, GA. While living there I made many trips to Minneapolis, CDC’s headquarters where I met Joyce, a fellow employee. We had our first date January 10, 1970 and got married 9 ½ weeks later on March 18.  We lived in Atlanta for two years and then moved to Minneapolis. In 1978 we moved to Houston for three years and then back to Minneapolis. Joyce started her own business in 1983. I left CDC in 1990 and joined Joyce in her business doing customized training, programming and technical documentation.  Over the years, I made many trips overseas and have now been to six of the seven continents. In addition, Joyce and I made many business and pleasure trips together. We enjoyed snow skiing, water skiing, camping, boating, horseback riding, and many friendships.  In 2002, Joyce suffered several strokes induced by a heart infection. She recovered from the illness, but suffered long lasting effects from the strokes. We lost her in 2008.  I now live on 20 acres in central Minnesota with my two Samoyeds, Stormy and Sasha. Despite living in Yankee land I still keep my Texas drawl. Can't believe we are ALL now in our late 60’s. I certainly do not feel that old.

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